3 Brand & Marketing essentials for a head start to 2017

Whether you’re still enjoying time off or suffering from a harsh return to reality, it’s time to start thinking about your business’ marketing and, if you haven’t already done so, devise the strategy for 2017. We’ve put together a short and sweet brand/marketing checklist, which will help provide direction for the year.  

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Written by Natalie Potter
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10 free social media tools you should try in 2017

With ever-changing landscape of social media and its undeniable growing importance for businesses, it is becoming more difficult to keep an eye out trends, monitor your brand, share engaging content and interact with your followers WHILE running your business on daily basis. Our affordable bespoke packages will help you to take care of that, but if you don’t have a budget, here’s a couple of our top picks for social media management tools you might want to check out to simplify the process and save some time, while following the key digital trends and content goals. So what should you use & why? 

Written by Identity Creative
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Make the most out of your Christmas EDM this season

As we get closer to Christmas, for most of you the busiest time of the year, each communication piece has a crucial weight towards your sales and has to be impactful enough to capture your audience’s attention (as you’re not the only who had the same idea!).

Despite increase in social media activities, email communication is still preferred and proven to lift sales (they still work - on average, email marketing bring 4,300 ROI - 40% more effective than social media). Research shows that in 2016, an estimated 215 billion emails are sent daily (5% increase from 2015) - and we receive, on average, 123 emails a day. These figures increase by almost 40% during the holiday season… You get the jist now.

So what to do to make sure your holiday newsletter gets seen and acted upon?

Written by Identity Creative
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Local Area Marketing - a more cost effective way to reach your target audience

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Local area marketing (LAM) is used by retailers and local businesses to reach new and existing customers within a specific catchment area, often by postcode or even by suburb or region. It is most often offer- driven and its success relies on the appeal of the offer and a good understanding of the customers being reached ie. What will appeal to them and get them to spend?

Typically LAM uses channels such as strategically placed Out of Home/Outdoor signage, digital advertising capped to local reach, blanket postcode direct mail, and - decreasingly - local (suburban) newspapers. It is now possible to reduce the cost and increase the success of LAM campaigns by precisely defining local area catchments by ‘customer type’. Within most suburbs, there are often considerable demographic variations and variables such as household income and family type and size. As major metropolitan cities grow, this is becoming more important - postcodes are anything but homogeneous clusters.

Written by Lisa Campton
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Say Goodbye to “Hope Marketing”!

2016 is such an exciting time to be in business and in brand promotion.

For decades now, marketers as well as SME’S have worried about the lack of certainty, and measure-ability when planning campaigns and agreeing to ad spend.  A ‘touch of science’ was so needed to provide that ever-alluring return-on-investment for promotion.  

Marketing & Accountability

Hallelujah, we can see the light. New measureable digital technology takes the guesswork out and makes “Hope Marketing” yesteryear’s practice. Sound measures that Identity Creative calls our B.E.A.M Intel™; can now add insightful measurability to all digital campaigns and mediums such as website performance and digital & social advertising. Advanced technologies allow us to enhance digital performance, report results in detail and in real-time, as well as enable us to refine campaigns with insightful data during a campaign’s activity. 

Written by Natalie Potter
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Discover your Inner brand

Dicover-Brand Campaign

We've come across many businesses, even entrepreneurs who struggle to find their "Inner Brand!"

Here are Identity Creative, we are all about finding those key elements, values, and brand attributes inside your business, company, product or person. And then help you unleash that brand onto the world market! 

With many micro businesses popping up, businesses becoming corporations, and people becoming entrepreneurs..  now is the right time to define your brand and who you are to the market.

The end goal result here is to ensure your brand message and it’s values are all aligned.  Then your marketing can reflect that same message across the board.


Let us delve deep into your brand’s eco system to:

  • Assess your brand identity & marketing
  • Assess your culture
  • Review your brand name and message
  • Assess your brand values
  • and much more…


To get started we are offering you a FREE 30 minute Brand Assessment that gives you a quick overview of where we can help to reconnect your brand to your audience.  


If you require an in-depth review and assessment, we have various packages to choose from on how far you want to delve deep into.


From there our team will realign your message, marketing, customer connection, culture, and build a strong brand awareness to get your brand out to the world.



“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos, CEO & founder of Amazon

Written by Identity Creative

Using Social Media to Empower your Brand

Some businesses are only just now discovering Social Media, and the effect if can have on their business.  From instantly notifiying customers of Special offers, in store discounts, as well as general news and up to date information. 

Social Media can be even 'stronger' for your business or product. As it can be 'the voice' for your brand and it's messages.

The main thing is to ensure that any Social Media contact or communication is done within your brand guidelines.  Using either current topics, news, indusry happenings, and cool things happening within your business brand model.  It's not about tweeting or posting about what your dog had for breakfast.

Written by Identity Creative
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