What we do…

We specialise in a fully integrated and responsible marketing approach, taking brands from zero to hero. We help brands at any stage of their journey; with creation of non-existent yet businesses, as well as refining, marketing and re-marketing of strong marketing players. Market research, focus groups, audits and workshops will help you understand your brand and its target audience; our brand & graphic design services will take care of your brand identity and collateral, while our strategic expertise will help guide your marketing strategy.  
With our in-house digital experts and web developers, we'll ensure that your presence online - via your modern and affordable, social media, SEO and Pay Per Click advertising, your brand will always stay the course, have measured growth, and have even better ROI.
At Identity Creative, we believe in the brand and its power.  With every client we work with, our aim is build your business into a well known and engaged brand, no matter what size, audience reach or industries circles you want to market in. 

We can deliver this in the following 10 steps:


1. Research & Analysis

We meet to detail and understand your business products intimately. We detail a SWAT analysis, identify and execute areas for market research, analyse your competitors to use their weaknesses as your strengths. We create a plan that will generate business and strengthen your brand. 

2. Identify & Targeting

Where do your business products sit in the market? Which is your key target market? Here we find out and create a definitive target audience to make marketing your brand  a seamless exercise. Know your customers. Understand what makes them tick. 

3. Understanding Your Brand Values & Purpose

We articulate the motivation for your business, the heart and soul of what you do. We integrate your personal values, the promise of your brand and what motivates you to create your products and services into a definition of your staff culture and your brand personality, an essential tools for marketing success.

4. Market Testing & Focus Groups

Now that you have created a professional and attractive identity concepts, its now time to field test it! This is where getting direct feedback from your exact audiene is crucial. As it will immediately validate if you're on the mark or not. We can conduct all our focus groups and market research all in-house. With both in person and online digital surveys. You can be sure that your brand will go to market, with market confidence.

5. Brand Design & Development

Understanding your brand and its personality, we will create your logo, your lynchpin, the essence of your global image. Your logo will draw the eye and represent all the best in your products and services. Passion for the creative process combined with our many years of experience will guarantee your logo will stand out and resonate with the audience.

6. Your Message & its Promise

Here we draw out your brand values and promise to your customers. This is usually done by adding a tag line to your logo, brand image and your marketing collateral. A clearly defined message can position you in the right market place and talking to the right audience.

7. Planning, Execution & Launch

You’ve now identified your look, image, message, values and promise. It’s now time to take it to market. We utilise the best in offline, print, online and digital strategies to market your brand and create buzz around your business.

8. Promoting, Marketing, Connecting

This is essential and will become an ongoing part of your brand management. Identity Creative can manage all your external brand and message strategies utilising a dynamic PR, marketing and advertising plan via web, radio, print and television.

9. Repetition, Recognition, & Reputation

Take a step back and watch your brand begin to have a life of its own. Repeat step seven, stay true to your promise and brand values. 

10. Continual Customer Growth, Loyalty & Trust!

This is the epitome of all of your hard work behind the scenes and the ultimate goal-continual customer growth. Your brand is working, it is a living breathing entity!

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