Brand Assessment & Audit

Ask yourself this:
  • Do you and your customers value your brand?
  • Do you know what your brand values are?
  • Does your message ring true to your values?
  • Do consumers find trust & reliability in your brand?
  • What personality do you bring to your brand?
  • Does your brand culture ring out to your customers and staff?
  • What is your brand's purpose?  Have you discovered it yet?
If you are stuck with these questions.  A Brand Assessment & Audit can help you.
At Identity Creative, because we believe in your brand, we provide a full comprehensive Brand Assessment & Audit to keep your brand on track and make sure it reaches its full potential both internally (company culture) and externally (your consumers). This is a unique service, not provided by many design studios.  
A lot of businesses believe that providing a service and/or products to their customers is enough to make a business run.  However by having a trusted brand, it creates a lifestyle for your customers who will remain loyal to your business regardless of what and how you market to them – forever! As long as you stick to your continuous brand message and values.
As part of our unique brand assessment service, we provide 3 Tiered Brand Assessment Packages; from Light, Medium, to Deep Analysis, in which we will come to your office location for a half or full day session and interview you (the owner) plus some key staff to discuss your current brand's situation and marketing potential.

A Brand Assessment will provide a snap-shot of your brand's:

  • Visual appeal
  • Brand Style Guide Review
  • Message & Promise
  • Marketing Communications (print, web, & digital)
  • Offline & Online Presence (includes social media)
  • Current & Future Markets
  • Customer Engagement; Trust & Reputation
  • Brand Values (internally & externally)
  • Brand Personality & Culture
The Audit & Assessment that we provide will outline, in detail, strategies on how and what areas of your branding need improvement. We will provide you with a Road Map on how to not only get your brand on track, 
but also how to keep it there. This is an excellent reference for your brand's marketing and communications policies.