Brand Awareness

Why is branding so important for any business?

Branding in itself is like planting the mother tree that establishes a bench mark all your consistent marketing collateral in it's look, feel and corporate colours. Over time as it grows, it develops a life of its own and pays dividends once it is recognized in its own right.

Branding is basically made up of 4 stages.

  1. Message/Association
  2. Awareness
  3. Recognition
  4. Repetition

It is here where we design, develop and refine your brand into 'the Message/Association', it is here we establish what your brand stands for and how it will be symbolised. By using great design we can encapsulate the right message or association with symbols, imagery, text and colours. Just like when you see a super hero's symbol, emblem or logo, you get a quick understanding of what they stand for. The same principals apply here. You want a quick defined message to be communicated in a direct manner.

This in turn kicks off the Awareness stage. This is where it is implemented onto business stationery, brochures, flyers, signage, websites, promotional items. Using both offline and online marketing to help spread your message about your company and/or products and service.

Check out our Brand Design Page for reference.

We have seen too many businesses change their logo's within a short time which basically puts them back to square one in terms of their branding and awareness. This is a given no no – a logo requires a life span of at least 10 years to establish and recognise itself as a strong brand.

Is your brand communicating the right message? So many times we've seen logo's designed incorrectly or are more focused on looking good, that the message or association gets lost in the method. How bad would you feel if a prospecting customer got the impression that your business was something else? This is where good professional logo design is required.

Third stage is the Recognition stage. Over time you will notice that your audience, as well as new customers will start to recognise your brand everywhere (depending on your marketing awareness). It's the stage that you want any business to be,… where any audience can easily recognise and define it's meaning or association in the space of seconds. To get to this third stage, it cannot be developed over night. It takes time, development, and patience. Just like an athlete trains for an event. Your brand needs to work hard for it to pay off in the long run.

Forth and final stage is Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. Getting your message out there all the times. Larger corporations don't spend millions on their marketing for nothing. They want their message and brand out there to as many people as possible, for them to buy their product or service. Whether it is TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, promotional material, print collateral etc. Do what you can at all times to market your message and brand to everyone?

Why does any business or product need this? To keep your business or product front of mind at all times!

How powerful is it that a 2 yr old can recognise and associate fast food with the McDonald's logo?- the Golden Arches. And ask yourself how powerful it would be for your logo or brand to have that same kind of recognition and association.

Is your business looking to re-brand or are looking to kick start a new enterprise with a new logo and brand? We have the right skills, tools and marketing to help get your business, product or service front of mind to your customers NOW! 

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