Brand Development

We develop and evolve highly visible & differentiated brands that can outperform competitors in their market place.  We then foster them with ongoing measurable and accountable marketing with our BEAM Intel - our digital performance reporting systems. 

Before we commence any design, we take all Brands through our BEAM 7 Step system depending on whether the brand is new to market or an established brand. 

BEAM commences with the "Discovery" Phase - where we take market insights from your market place as well as your competition; including their brands and their marketing activities. This provides us with a game plan of what is needed to differentiate your brand within your market. During this phase, we also question a brand's purpose to help establish a brand's unique positioning. 

With a clear path established, we then embark on design development. We dont do Hope Marketing and don't guess a brand's connection with its audience - we leave nothing to chance and instead test brands (brands names, logos, look, taglines) with your target market to ensure new brands will resonate with its customers.  

Once tested and refined, we then extend brands with websites, and other marketing collateral depending on what your brand needs to market effectively. We can take your brand well beyond logos - we take them to market with successful launches including online, traditional media, events, partnerships, PR and so much more.