Our Brand Process

When you choose to work with Identity Creative we start a detailed and methodical process that begins with research and finishes with the execution of a brand strategy, painstakingly developed in conjunction with you to ensure success and longevity.

We have a systematic approach to defining your goals, detailed below.


This is all about you and your business  This step is a needs assessment and clearly identifies your business’ strengths and weaknesses to make sure we are on the same page moving forward. We assess your brands’ strengths, and where work is needed in regards to your company image.


This step is a meeting of the minds between our marketing consultants, Identity Creative branding specialists and you–the client. Here we establish where you want to be. We are articulating the dream.


Our marketing team will work with you to assess your products and brands both past and present to really get to know where you have come from, where you may have gone wrong, and most importantly to document successes in regard to your brand. We will build on this and condense these successes to create The Promise. 

Researching competition is also a key step in this stage.  We will systematically break down your competition to find their weaknesses and create an artillery for marketing success moving forward.


We establish your core demographic both internally and externally to create clear parameters for marketing moving forward.  Knowing your audience and knowing your brand intimately allows us to create a community surrounding your identity, a community that, if understood correctly, will stand by you “until the very end”.


This is the outlining stage, where we create a plan of action. Once agreed upon, we will come together to sign off officially.


Each element of the design process is equally weighted as we strive towards your brands identity.  Whether it is a new brand design altogether or a modernised re-thinking on an older, trusted image, here we combine our research and development to create your brand, building with intelligent design.


With your brand finessed and ready for the world, our marketeers, public relations and advertising specialists get to work, promoting your revitilised image.