Our Philosophy & Passion

We realised early on our clients needed more than just graphic design when managing their brand.  They needed a collective direction.  That is why we focused on being a total branding solution because when your business’ brand is managed from the one source, you can be assured of consistency and your brand integrity.

This has been our philosophy since Identity Creative was founded.

We understand your whole branding experience must be the perfect storm of marketing, public relations and image consistency. Therefore we work tirelessly–together with our strategic partners in advertising, marketing and PR–to make sure your investment is timeless and that your brand is iconic.

Our philosophy has stemmed from seeing countless businesses using inconsistent and misaligned marketing when it came to their print material, to website, to their signage.  And after learning from some great marketing professionals and company owners, your marketing just can't be left to chance.  It has be done right to get the maximum effect.  Especially when it comes to your branding, as it's out there in the public arena.

By utilising our professional brand services like:

  • Brand design & development
  • Brand consulting
  • Brand auditing and assessment
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand management
We are fully serviced to ensure clarity, consistency, and integrity for you brand.

At Identity Creative, your brand integrity is our passion but it is your brand values that will create a culture which breeds on-going success.

Refine the brand message and values into one clear direction and voice. Empower the business tenfold.  Streamline print, product, web, digital and point of sale marketing from the one source. Have a clear message, build trust and make a connection.

These are our core values. Work with Identity Creative to develop yours.

Your brand integrity and values is our passion